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water babies

I was commissioned by RPA design, to produce a series of illustrations to represent the various swimming exercises for teaching toddlers and babies how to swim, as well as a few characters for other commercial applications. There are quite a lot of them now as the client keeps coming back for more every couple of years.

lowe alpine

This illustration was for a large display panel at the head office of Lowe Alpine in the Lake District, which was commissioned by chance after the client had first seen the illustration below it...

leeds social services

The brief for this project was to create a 'gang' of kids for an animated questionnaire to assess and engage with children in foster care.


Working with Mike Gregory at RPA design, I produced all the different scenes, characters and poses which he then brought together with his technical wizardry and creative flair, for the finished product. In fact, it was so good, that it won a 'Gold' at the Roses Creative Awards...


Specialising in the print and development of Point of Sale, Augustus Martin are among the top 50 print companies in the UK. My work for them was mostly providing visuals and promotional ideas for Business to Business to gain new clients and promote their continuing development of specialized inks.

the seven deadly mice

This is my own project from a poem I wrote in the early hours of a Summer's night come day.

For some strange reason I was thinking of the Seven Deadly Sins...

...The Seven Samurai/Magnificent Seven and mice! And it kind of wrote itself...


It's still in production mode at the moment but here is some of what I've created so far...

There is of course more of The Seven Deadly Mice but I don't want to give it all away just yet...


Just a selection of 'odds and sods' done for various reasons.

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