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A 160pp art book for the infamous Doctor Sherwin, who has the largest collection of British surrealist art in the country.

Art works from his collection are often loaned out to major galleries, both in this country and abroad including the USA.


I thoroughly enjoyed working on this project as it was an educational experience and the author being a remarkable man with a great sense of humour.


out of the frying pan...







Advanced Information leaflet/pdf for the book distributor to promote the author.

On sale in the Tate Modern.

drummond textiles

A portfolio piece from when I was working full-time in a design agency before I went freelance. The photography was done by Kevin Reynolds with my art direction and assistance. I held the lamp on the end of the stick...

Taking the original B&W images, I then combined them and applied colour in Photoshop to produce the finished result for print.

  Unfortunately 'Drummonds' no longer exists, due to overseas competition, and the mill was closed down at the end of 2002.

softswitch LTD

A company providing innovative textile based electronic switching and control systems for use in wearable electronics, automotive and medical applications for a wide range of customers.


The following pieces were designed and illustrated for use as exhibition panels at textile Trade shows.


Specialising in the print and development of Point of Sale, Augustus Martin are among the top 50 print companies in the UK. My work for them was mostly providing visuals and promotional ideas for Business to Business to gain new clients and promote their continuing development of specialized inks.

leeds art fair

This is one of the 3 exhibition catalogues I designed and art worked for the LAF between 2008 and it's final year in 2010. This yearly exhibition (last held in The Light, in Leeds) first started in the 70s to promote Yorkshire artists and was organised totally by volunteers. It was a shame to see it go but such is life and at least it had a 'good innings' while it lasted...



Here are some projects/clients I designed and artworked whilst working at MBD in Shipley near Bradford before I leapt out of the frying pan and went freelance...


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